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The Business

The Business

We began in 2006 in Sydney and we coached anyone who wanted us to at first. But we’re on the same journey we’ll encourage you to do.

We hired a business coach (Taki Moore, a coach for coaches).

We specialised in trades businesses in 2015 (on our coach’s advice) because we’ve enjoyed working with tradies and we feel we can help.

We’re building the same machines we’re asking you to build:

  • Marketing – Automated and digital marketing with a focus on giving of our knowledge and video.
  • Sales – A very systematic process.
  • Operations – We’re on the middle of drifting from one-on-one-coaching to the video training and 1 on 1 coaching + group coaching + group accountability – it’s making our coaching better.
  • Back office – We’re a team of 4: Jon in Australia, Lindsey in Miami, USA, and Venus and Melca in Davao, Philippines. We’re growing, we’re systematising, and we’re using technology. Just like we’ll help you too.
  • Me and the team – We’re managing me to do what I’m good at (teach and coach and learn new stuff) and not what I’m not. And we’re growing (and coaching) our team and playing each of our strengths. We’re taking our own medicine.