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Meet The Team

Jon Dale


I grew up in the IT and telecommunications industry in sales and marketing roles and I managed very large customers for Optus (IBM, AMP – people like that). I didn’t like it – it’s dishonest.

But I saw how big business uses systems and follows the ‘rules’ and I saw my friends in small business figuring it out for themselves.

You don’t have to – I’ve done it.

I like helping people. It makes me feel good when someone I like gets a WIN. I can only coach someone I like too. I’ve tried and failed the other way.

I firmly believe business is easy to systematise and grow if only we take the trouble to do these things and apply some effort.

I’ve seen it. I’ve been doing it long enough. I’ve seen it fail too. I failed in an ambitious plan to go global. I’ve seen some things not to do too.

I like helping, I take pride and trying my best to help my clients succeed.

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Lindsey Weissert

I’ve been working at Small Fish since I was 21, fresh out of university (advertising and psychology). I cut my teeth learning digital marketing at Small Fish. I now have 9 years experience in digital marketing and in running a virtual team. I run the business side of Small Fish, – the admin, the marketing, the team and Jon.

I’m a digital nomad. This business allows me to indulge my love of travel and I bring that attitude to Small Fish’s coaching – you can set up and run a team without being there all the time – and we’ll show you how.

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Venus Dela Salde

Venus handles the back office and admin, ensuring all operations and marketing strategies are implemented smoothly and properly. She also assists Lindsey in handling digital marketing and social media for the company to generate traffic and leads for the website. She’s the best person to contact for any enquiries or information about Small Fish services.

Venus holds it all together for us and manages a small team in Davao. She’s very persistent and proactive and helps us keep things in place so we can have a smooth operating machine for our business.

Melca Dano


Melca is our behind-the-scenes house elf. She magically manages many of the day-to-day operational processes of the business, including making sure Jon gets in touch with you when you want him to. She loves being efficient and effective and can get through a massive amount of work.

When she’s not working, she likes to sleep (like a cat) and she likes hanging out with Venus – they’ve been friends for years and that’s how she came to us – introduced to us by her friend Venus.

Melca likes fixing problems and finding solutions. So if you’re stuck, then go straight to Melca 🙂