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Few of us started in business so we could work long hours and miss out on having a personal life or a family life – yet often that’s what we do.

I grew up in the IT and telecommunications industry in sales and marketing roles and I managed very large customers for Optus (IBM, AMP – people like that). I didn’t like it – it’s dishonest.

But I saw how big business uses systems and follows the ‘rules’ and I saw my friends in small business figuring it out for themselves.

You don’t have to – I’ve done it.

I like helping people. It makes me feel good when someone I like gets a WIN. I can only coach someone I like too. I’ve tried and failed the other way.

I firmly believe business is easy to systematise and grow if only we take the trouble to do these things and apply some effort.

I’ve seen it. I’ve been doing it long enough. I’ve seen it fail too. I failed in an ambitious plan to go global. I’ve seen some things not to do too.

I like helping, I take pride and trying my best to help my clients succeed.

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Jon lives in Byron Bay because he likes it and he doesn’t surf because he says it’s too hard but he likes beer and food very much indeed. He’s written for various magazines and newspapers in his time. Mostly because they think he must know something if he’s survived this long. His children disagree.

Publications include: Sydney Morning Herald, Money Magazine, MPA Magazine,,, Risk Management Magazine, and he writes the Tradies Toolbox Blog, right here on the website.

Jon’s Journey

Take a look at your trade business from a customer’s perspective. Jon’s Journey is his journey dealing with trades businesses while he renovates his house.

Success Stories

Read what some of Jon’s customers have to say about him and their experience with business coaching.

Byron Bay Accom

“Jon obviously has great skill in getting to the heart of the matter. He was able to understand our business and it’s needs very quickly. Not only does he have an excellent process to guide you through business planning he had lots of good marketing ideas as well. Jon systematically coached us through a plan of action to assist us in getting our business to where we need it to be. I am sure he could help any business seeking to grow. We look forward to dealing with him in the future as we know this will be rewarding!” ByronBayAccom_logo_New Grant Hawkins and Scott Kenyon partners Byron Bay Accom

Build Better

“I engaged Jon at a point when sales were down. As a general builder, I was certainly experiencing the effects of the GFC – nobody was building. I was hoping Jon would be able to help me find new business but, between meeting Jon and receiving his proposal, we won some significant builds and our needs changed dramatically. I now had two large projects to manage and needed help to make sure my business could support this sudden growth and still ensure we had new projects when these finished. My family and I were very familiar with the feast/famine lifestyle that went with general building, and I was anxious to smooth out the lumps financially. So far, we’ve made a plan which is right one for my style of business. I’ve hired a new Operations Manager so I can focus on growing the company strategically. We have moved into an office space big enough to hold the new team, and I have been able to work on self-limiting beliefs and a fear of growth from the old ‘sole trader’ days. Our quoting tools are now ‘evidence based’ and are taking around 20 hours to complete as opposed to up to 200. I am now ready for the next stage of my business life. One of the personal benefits Jon offered was to hold me to account for my sales activity, and to monitor this each week. The benefits of this have been the ability to accurately forecast, and also to work effectively day to day. Our new systems also ensure nothing gets forgotten so I can “knock off’ at night and on weekends. Thanks again Jon. “ buildbetter_logo_New_New Steve Dyer Build Better P/L

Banks Consultancy

Banks Consultancy is a successful Accountancy Practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It has been operating for many years and is blessed with a substantial and stable customer base. The business owner engaged Small Fish to help him change his business. He wanted to engineer a medium term exit, reduce the business’s dependency on him and improve his personal financial position. Read More >>

Smoke Alarms Australia

“Jon, we started working with you towards the end of a difficult period in our business and when we were at an emotional low. Since then, you’ve completely changed the way we feel about our business by clarifying our goals and refocusing us on the positive opportunity we have in front of us. We’ve seized the initiative and put our business into top gear for growth. Your process has revolutionised the way we think and where to put our efforts. Currently our focus is selling to the network of our clients that we already have, to capitalise on our market opportunity. Not only that, we now have a future vision and strategy for our business and have started to share it with our team, who are all excited and responding in the most encouraging way. At your suggestion, we started a new sales initiative which, in three short weeks, yielded orders worth 1/3 growth in 3 weeks. And there’s more to come. With all these strategies in place we hope to double our profit, if not more, in the coming financial year. We really enjoy our sessions with you, they help keep us focused on our plan and we are optimistic about the success of our business, with your continued help. You are a great guy too which makes working with you very easy. Thanks for everything so far and we now look towards a brighter and bigger future for ourselves personally and our business.” Faye Baxter and Paul Jarman Smoke Alarms Australia

Byron Hire

In the short time that we have been working with Jon he has helped us shape our vision for our company and our plan for the future. The process has been both exciting and rewarding for us and our whole team. We have already seen the great benefit in naming and focusing on our business goals as we move towards them as a team.” ByronHire_headerlogo_New Glen Wallis Byron Hire

Created Image Marketing

“I highly recommend Jon Dale to you as a business coach. Jon has been our business coach for nearly 2 years and is helping our company achieve our sales and marketing objectives in a systematic and easy-to-understand process. Jon is also helping us cope with our rapid growth, implementing systems, action plans and motivating us to reach our potential. Our company’s turn-over has grown 50% in the past 12 months.” Mark Barrett Created Image Marketing

JSR Rubbish Removal

“Hi Jon, thank you for your guidance and input in the last 12 months. As a small business it has been helpful to have a fresh and impartial third party to bounce ideas off and discuss issues with. We have experienced some unexpected quiet times and if we hadn’t of done some of the things we had identified and discussed with you, we would have been doing it really tough now.” Richard & Nicole Griffiths JSR Rubbish Removals

Qubit Consulting

Making good money, happy staff, happy customers, business growing and evolving, great place to work… not a bad place to be! Six years ago, John Jones was an Enterprise Architect working for Sun Microsystems. When the company began outsourcing these roles, John and two former colleagues formed their own company to partner with Sun in the delivery of its products. The partners knew that there were gaps in the way that their new company was doing business. Read More >>