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#faketradie – Don’t be him.

There’s a lot of noise about #faketradie.

Now this is not a political video, I’m a business coach but I made this just to make a point.

We don’t like fake, do we?

We don’t like fake tradies and we don’t like being lied to and we don’t like being taken for fools.

What’s this to us? Marketers for business?

You need to be very careful not to come across as fake or inauthentic.

If you’re a good tradie and you’re still watching my stuff, I don’t imagine you’re anything other than authentic.


It’s easy to accidentally let something inauthentic slip into your marketing.

Sometimes when I look at someone’s website for example, I see something that is not quite right.

So today’s homework…

Go and have a look at your marketing in your website and look for anything that is not quite authentic.

As usual, if you want my opinion, you can call me or book a 10-minute chat.

It costs nothing.



About the Author

Jon Dale

Jon likes helping business owners and especially owners of trades businesses. Life can be a bit frustrating when you run a business and a trade business can be even more so. Jon reckons this stuff is fixable and that you can fix it by making some fairly simple changes to the way you do things. In fact, he runs a free monthly webinar to help explain the process further of moving your business from manual to scalable.

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