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Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program
For Builders And Tradies

What you'll learn and how you'll implement it into your business - so you become a better business person and your business grows and scales.

What You'll Learn (The Framework):


Build A Marketing Machine

You'll learn how to build a marketing machine that is perfect for your trade business, that produces a flow of high-quality leads. It will be automated and scalable.

A flow of leads.

Build A Sales Machine

You'll learn how to build a sales machine that wins jobs consistently, at high margins, with less wasted time and ultimately without you.

A flow of high margin work.

Build An Operations Machine

You'll learn how to systematise your operations so your trades people do the work to the same quality you would, with less supervision from you.

Jobs completed on time, on the budget, on spec.

Build A Back Office Machine

You'll learn how to get all the admin done by other people so the business runs smoothly - so you get paid, pay everybody, stay safe, stay compliant and stay profitable.

A smoothly operating business.

Manage You

You'll learn how to manage yourself and manage the transition from what you do now to your new role of growing and scaling your business - building these machines and managing and leading, letting go, delegating, managing your time and your priorities.

A better, stronger business.

Manage Your Team

You'll learn how to lead and manage your team, how to set a deliberate culture and how to hire well.

You'll hire better people, they'll work better and harder (because they want to), they'll know what to do and you'll communicate well.

You'll have a high performing team.

How you'll implement it:

  • You'll make a plan and write it down (with my help).
  • You'll decide what to do first (with my help).
    • We'll prioritise quick and easy and money (usually).
  • You'll watch training videos to learn how to do things.
  • You'll think through situations with me.
  • I'll support you, encourage you, keep you going.
    • When it's hard, I'll hold you accountable and help you do what you need to do.

How does that sound?

Book a 10-minute chat

The Joining Process:

  1. 10-minute Chat

    I called this a filter call. We both need to know if this is a good idea. Are you coachable? Will you change? Will you do the stuff I say? Can you afford it ($1500 pm)? Do we like each other? Do you like what I'm saying? Is it right for you, right now?

    We'll get through that in 10 minutes and if we agree, we'll go to the next step…

  2. Strategy Session

    We'll have a 1-hour video-meeting. We'll follow a structured process to look at your business - what you want and what's going on. I'll make suggestions about what you should do. I'll tell you if I think I can help.

    And I'll ask you( assuming I think I can help) to decide if you want me to help you.

  3. Business Coaching

    Then we start 🙂